Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science is a vibrant academic department of Government Degree College Kangan. It strives to be highly dynamic, supportive and productive department disseminating qualitative knowledge and training among the students. Its journey started with the establishment of the college itself in 2011 with 63 students. Since, then the strength of the department has gone beyond limits. At present, above 600 students are enrolled in the department.

The department presently offers 03-year Bachelorsprogramme which provides students with broad-based political knowledge grounded in the theoretical traditions and fundamental branches of the discipline: Political Theory, Indian Government and Politics, Political Thought, Indian Political Thought, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Public Administration and so on. The programme helps students to acquire ability to critically analyse contemporary political events and identify solutions to complex socio-political problems. The foundational knowledge in these concepts and papers also helps students to pursue a career in them.

The department aims at producing brilliant graduates well acquainted in the knowledge of the discipline of political Science.The knowledge of Political Science besides providing writing and Communicative kills, prepares students to think critically, development analytical abilities, non-partisan skills and Research and presentation skills. The Department is committed to help students to develop these skills and abilities.

Since, politics is all pervasive and affect every aspect of life, the comprehension of politics and political concepts is essential for everyone to be an active and productive member of the society. The department of Political Science helps students in understanding their rights and responsibilities through educational as well as extra-curricular activities.The Department is playing vital role in organizing seminars, debates, quizzes etc. and disseminates training among students to make them learned and active citizens.The Department of Political science has therefore, immense relevance as it studies both theory as well as practice of politics.

The Department is committed to foster intellectual and social transformation through knowledge of politics and prepare students to become active citizens committed to values of Justice, social and gender Justice, equality, public service, secularism and peace. The faculty of political science encourages its learners to acquire knowledge beneficial to society. The department is committed to expand its horizons in innovative ways and foster knowledge to meet societal as well as global needs.

Year of Establishment 2011
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To impart quality political education and produce brilliant graduates of international standard with spirit of critical inquiry, pursuit of wisdom, scientific temper, political maturity and committed to values of Justice, Gender Justice, liberty, equality and fraternity, Community service and peace


The Department aims to blend teaching of political science with learning experiences of politics and acquaint students with political ideas to live active political life. It aims to produce brilliant graduates and provide knowledge conducive for academic and socio-political advancement. It encourages new political ideas and activities which fosters qualitative political education. Political Scientists can change the world with just a thought. The knowledge of politics helps students to change the political future of their respective communities.

Career Options

The course of political Science helps you to pursue different careers in public as well as private organizations. Graduates will be able to pursue careers in law, journalism, consulting, business, community service, international organizations, Non-governmental organizations, state, local and national governments. The Students of political Science can pursue career as administrators (Civil Services - IAS, IPS & IFS), Policy Analysts, Legislative Assistants, Political Journalists,Social Media Managers,Marketing Research Analysts, Teachers and Assistant Professors, Intelligence Analysts Political scientists, Public Relations specialists. To pursue the study of politics further, you can take advanced post-graduate courses at any university in India or Abroad. You can pursue masters in Politics, International relations, Public Administration, Mass Communication and Journalism, Law (LLB).

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