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The Department of Education, Government Degree College Kangan was established in the year 2011 the same year in which the college was established. The department of education was established with the purpose to acquaint the prospective undergraduate students about the basics in the field of education. To acquaint them about the phenomenal aspect of education and its various important areas like teaching-learning process, pedagogy, philosophical, psychological and sociological aspects of education, technological integration into education and technology based education among others.

The department of education is one among the thirteen departments of the college and is actively engaged in providing a host of services to the college in the field of advisory, guidance and counseling, student support services, technological integration in education including the building up of ICT infrastructure in the college and organizing variety of programs related to the curriculum development and effective teaching in higher education. The department has the distinction of being one of the largest so far as the student enrollment is concerned.

Besides general areas, our department provides a host of Skill enhancement courses to the students, which according to the Choice based Credit system, can be taken by any students from any department of the college. The skill enhancement courses offered by our department are Guidance and Counseling, Early Childhood care and Education and Educational Technology.

Besides these SECs we offer Educational Psychology and Educational Sociology as Generic Electives which can be opted by students from other departments who do not have Education as their core subject. We believe that through imparting the training and awareness about the core areas of the education as a process and its related areas, we will be able to build a society that is based on human values. We strive to provide a quality education based on required skills that will make an individual and the society self reliant. We believe in working towards the enhancement and enrichment of knowledge and effective sharing and extension of the same into the society so as to facilitate the transformation in the real sense. We look forward for carrying out research in the field of educational philosophy, measurement and evaluation, educational technology and educational psychology in the near future for which we have already geared up for raising necessary infrastructure and seeking approval from concerned quarters.

Year of Establishment 2011
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The Department provides the following services :

  1. The Department of Education currently offers the services of Pre-admission Counseling to the students.
  2. The department is offering Guidance and Counseling Services to the college students. Now with the establishment of Department of Psychology, we will look for collaboration in providing the services so that our facilities will be strengthened and more effective.
  3. Currently the department is being served by the common library that houses more than 35000 books and e-resources and we are working to establish a full fledged departmental library in future.
  4. Our students have access to N-List, Shodganga, E-gyankosh and a variety of other e-resources.
  5. SWAYAM and NPTEL based free Courses admission guidance.

Career Options

Career in education can be one of the most satisfying ways to make a difference in people's lives. A bachelor's degree in education is a necessary initial step toward becoming a teacher. Even if you don't intend to teach in a traditional classroom environment, an education degree can serve as a stepping stone to a range of educational jobs, such as education administration, school counseling, and even social work.

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