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Islamic Studies is an integrated academic discipline that aims at the study of revealed sources of knowledge (Qur'an and Sunnah). It explores Islam as a religion, history, culture and civilization. It aims at the study of modern developments in the Muslim World vis-a'-vis the West, Comparative Religion, Philosophy, and Contemporary Muslim World, Mysticism and above all Islamic ethical, legal, social, economic and human rights theories founded on its universal, broader and tolerant principles. The subject also addresses the recent trends and challenges, like Fundamentalism, Islamophobia, Orientalism and Gender Justice. It has been a subject taught in the major universities of the World including Oxford and California Universities. There is a wide scope of the subject at international level keeping in view the recent geo-political conditions, the Arab Spring and the growing religious sectarianism the west Asia and South Asia.

The department of Islamic Studies was established in 2011 with B.A Degree Course.The Vision of Department is to develop it as an Academic excellence in Islamic Studies. The completion of this UG programme will provide a fundamental knowledge in the core areas of Islamic Studies. The main themes of the course include; Islamic history and Civilization, Tasawwuf, Basic Islamic Sciences, Ilm ul Kalam, Muslim Philosophy, Islam and Science, Islamic Ethics, Islam and Finance, Islam and Human rights etc.

The vision of Islamic Studies is to impart Islamic Knowledge based on revealed sources. It inculcates among the students moral values vis-a'-vis history and philosophy. The vision is also to induce comparative, multidimensional and multi-disciplinary knowledge of various traditions and cultures for the deeper understanding of Islam.

Year of Establishment 2011
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The objectives of the department are :

  1. To convey knowledge based on thoughtful inquiry to students in order to improve their ability for autonomous and critical thinking.
  2. To inculcate the spirit of tolerance and patience in order to promote communal harmony and mutual understanding in a pluralistic society.
  3. To develop the spirit of objective analysis based on impartiality, genuineness, authenticity, legitimacy and relevance.
  4. To make the students capable of thinking independently.
  5. To promote social harmony and mutual understanding in a pluralistic society by instilling a culture of tolerance and patience.
  6. To foster an attitude of objective analysis based on objectivity, sincerity, authenticity, legitimacy, and relevance.

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