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B.A. Economics is one amongst the earliest courses introduced in Government Degree College Kangan. It is one of the highly reputed programmes taught in the college.The Department of Economics is committed to the advancement of knowledge and learning in the field of economics. The department is credited with experienced and dedicated faculty which aims and works for a holistic development of students.

Economics as a branch of social science deals with the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. This discipline aims to explain how economies work and economic agents interact in the market. The course introduces students to the basics of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Quantitative techniques and other specialized areas like Public Finance, International Trade, Money and Financial Markets, and Indian Economy. The papers and the course offered, aims to provides a theoretical and practical understanding of the core economic principles both, at micro and macro level and enables one to understand what,“being developed” entails in this globalized world and what policy initiatives can be taken to make any economy a more advanced and developed.

Economic analysis is also applied throughout society, in business, finance and government organizations. The mission of the Department of Economics consists of two interconnected components: imparting the highest quality instruction to our undergraduate and graduate students and to train students in the methods and ideas of modern theoretical and applied economics.

Year of Establishment 2011
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The objectives of the Department are:

  1. To prepare students for modern day challenges and global competition is the central concern of the department of Economics.
  2. To enable students to become policy literate and informed students.
  3. To develop integrative and critical thinking skills as well asquantitative and qualitative abilities among students and prepare them to analyse the complex domestic, economic, social and global problems
  4. To help students to develop necessary interpersonal, communication and leadership skills and make them responsible citizens and effective leaders.
  5. To create a community of teacher-scholars and students who are actively engaged with each other and the world.
  6. To prepare graduates to pursue successful careers as applied economists.

Career Options

Economics is considered an evergreen subject due to its high utility and huge demand in the job markets. Graduates in economics have a wide range of professional options. Economic graduates are needed in a variety of professions in both the public and commercial sectors. Indian Economic Services, Reserve Bank of India, PSUs, and other public sector banks are all options in the government sector. All of these positions provide excellent career prospects. These careers provide students with social status as well as financial security. Economic graduates can find work in private banks, MNCs, BPOs, KPOs, business journals, and newspapers in the private sector. Economic students in higher education also have a strong potential. A Ph.D. in economics can be obtained to enter the field of teaching in colleges and universities.

After completing a BA in economics and an LLB, one can pursue a successful career as a Corporate Lawyer. In the private sector, a BA in economics plus an MBA put one in a stronger position. Another bright spot for job prospects is economic journalism.

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